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The best automotive painting quality!


State-of-the-art products

Because we manufacture our own products and offer world-famous brands, we have the product you need! All our paints are developed in a state-of-the-art colorimetric laboratory. Working with the latest technical advances in chemistry, our colour charts and colorists use mathematical algorithms tailored to the automotive paint sector to ensure optimal results. All types of tints, colour matches, gloss levels, and varnishes are within your reach at DGPeinture.

Be assured of using top-quality products. Our products are renowned for offering high covering power, optimized performance, improved resistance and durability, and – above all – more environmentally friendly products compared to first-generation products. Our paints give off fewer volatile organic compound emissions thanks to the reduction in chemical solvents.


Take advantage of our team’s expertise when it comes to choosing products and techniques

DGPeinture’s strength is that we’re made up of a team of responsive professionals and that we offer computerized management of our products. Offering cutting-edge tools to our customers, our team is at your disposal for the integration of our tools with the development of your bodywork activities. To ensure the implementation of tools available in store or the use of cutting-edge paint, our technicians are available to advise you on the development of your repair processes. Supporting body shop workers is DGPeinture’s specialty. Working in close collaboration with leaders in the field, our team can offer you training catalogues by topic to power your search for quality and performance.

Why choose DGPeinture?

  • A business partner specializing in automotive paint to answer all your painting questions;
  • A supplier of varied, customized paint products concerned with your performance and your commercial success;
  • A supplier offering specialized products at competitive prices;
  • Products that respect the environment

Invest in high quality products